Our Love Story


Our Love Story

I met Stirling after three attempts to join a speed dating event - the first two having been cancelled.
It must have been our stars waiting to align - we were instantly attracted to each other and have been happily dating ever since.
Thank you Speed Dating for making it possible for me to meet this wonderful man. I feel very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time and really enjoyed such an effortless way to meet lots of very nice people in a relaxed atmosphere. Sorry I won’t be back - and I won’t be letting him back either :-).
Marion      Stirling
57 y.o m 61 y.o
I met Sarah at a Speed Date event in May at Degree Bar.
I had been to a few previous date nights but no real luck.
I received an email from you saying you needed more guys for that week's event so thought why not I shall give it another go!
Sarah was the only one I matched with and I can honestly say she's awesome! (she lied about her age on the application ha-ha).
Sarah's the best lady I've ever met - smart and sexy, lucky me!
So yes, Speed Dating is an awesome way to meet people thank you so much 🙂
Take it easy - Kelly
Sarah                          Kelly
Lawyer                       Glazier
27 years old               36 years old
Kelly and Sarah met at Speed Date 15th May 2013

 I am a strong believer that things happen for a reason and the night I met Paul I was lucky as someone couldn't make it, and I was given the opportunity to attend the evening's speed dating session.

I thought to myself I have nothing to lose so I went along not expecting to meet the man I am now engaged to and have a beautiful baby boy just over two years on. We met up a week following the speed dating for a drink and despite the fact I was really sick with the flu for the first couple of weeks and had to cancel a few dates, Paul persisted and I realised within a few months that he was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with, I had met my match 🙂 We are both enjoying parenthood and cannot believe where the last six weeks have gone. Tyler is definitely keeping us busy and he is so cute we are very lucky!! So a big thank you to Verity, we both recommend this to anyone, give it a go you may be surprised what the outcome will be.



Rachel                                 Paul 
35 years old                        47 years old
Beauty therapy tutor        Graphic Artist
North Shore                       North ShoreRachel and Paul met at Speed Date 28th April 2011

 Knowing I was single my boss suggested I go check out Speed Dating to see if there was any synergy between our businesses.
I said I would go if he paid for it! He said if I ended up in a relationship I would have to pay him back!! However Craig has helped out so much in the studio that he has been repaid many times over 🙂 So I came on a whim, for a laugh not really expecting much but an experience and a fun night out who would have thought I’d walk away with 4 dates!! Serendipity that one of those dates turned out to be a kind, generous, level-headed yet romantic guy and we are still together after a year and a half and very happy 🙂


Julie                      Craig
43 years old        47 years old
Dance teacher     IT Professional
Central Auck       Greater Auckland

Julie and Craig met at Speed Date 30th May 2010

 We’ve been meaning to contact you about our wonderful news! It’s very exciting and we’re both so over the moon. We often talk about “our event” and how it all went down – good times! 
We met at a Speed Date last September. For me, it was something of a fluke that I attended that one. I’d signed up for one that was a few weeks before, but it got postponed, then the new one was postponed, and so you put me into this Speed Date. It was fate! For Daniel, it just so happened to be the day after his birthday.
I’d been to a few Speed Dates before, and had had a small amount of success – enough to think there was something in this lark – but nothing really major happened.
We definitely hit it off over the table. I liked his smiling face, and his banter was interesting. The question I most remember him asking is who would play me in the movie of my life. I said Reese Witherspoon, and asked who would play him. He said Denzel Washington. Given that Daniel is not African American, I was intrigued! We both decided to tick “yes” to each other. 
From our first proper date, we just clicked, and knew that we wanted to see and know more about each other. So we kept meeting, until Labour Weekend and we decided that we would like to see each other exclusively. And that was it, really! 
Daniel is a real gentleman, and I would say that we have definitely courted. It’s been so wonderful to be treated like that. 
We got engaged on 29 June, on an amazing day trip up Rangitoto. It was a glorious winter’s day, and all was perfect! I couldn’t have asked for a more romantic, picture-perfect proposal. It was us to a T. And now we have the exciting task of planning our wedding, which will be on 22 February 2014.  Such fun!
Thank you, Verity, for twice postponing the Speed Date I was booked into, because otherwise I wouldn’t have met Daniel. I say it’s Serendipity, Daniel says it’s God – who knows? Maybe it’s both, with a little bit of Verity-magic as well!!
Yay for Speed Date!!
Cheers Rachel

Rachel                Daniel
38 years old       41 years old
Accountant        Accountant
Central Akl        South Akl