Age groups


Age Groups

Age Groups for Special Events

From time to time, we run events where the age groups may vary from those above, giving you the opportunity to meet people from either a wider or narrower range of ages.

Please Note

We encourage you to come to the group that is closest to your own age, as you will get the most matches that way. If you are more than 2 years outside the "range", try and consider another group.

Please book with integrity using your real age. We do receive complaints on occasion in regards to people turning up to events that are obviously out of the age range.
As far as older age groups, it is a case of supply and demand. We do cater for our more mature, more experienced customers by running the occasional event and would love to be able to run more. If you are no longer a spring chicken but there is still plenty of life in you, all you have to do is email us to let us know you are raring to go and we will do our best to arrange something.