Don't be someone you're not. No point in saying you're a doctor, like skydiving and a vegetarian......especially when you scoff a meatball at half time.

  • Don't lie about your age, yes it's just a number so why suddenly whack a decade off it!!
  • Don't overdo it. Less is always more....Ladies a little cleavage is good, too much is tarty, Guys a dab of aftershave is encouraging, bathing in it will cause fainting spells.
  • Don't drink heavily. The evening will go downhill very fast and slurring has never been considered sexy.
  • Don't mumble or talk too fast, either way you will come across as a nervous wreck.
  • Don't moan or be grumpy unless you really want to see how many no's you can get!!
  • Don't ask sexually explicit questions, use lewd language or use sexual references.
  • Don't tell your life story of being unlucky in love otherwise you will come across as truly desperate.
  • Don't have unreal expectations. Speed Dating is a fun night out, it might not lead to marriage.
  • Don't hit on the host/hostess they are there to run the event not to date you.