Do relax. Be yourself, be positive, you will come across more approachable...

  • Do dress to impress but keep in mind to wear something you feel comfortable in. It's not a fashion show.
  • Do maintain eye contact and show interest in the person sitting opposite you.
  • Do remember your manners - try not to yawn, belch or look bored.
  • Do fill out your Speeding Ticket as you go. You may think you have a good memory but it will become extremely foggy after so many speed dates.
  • Do use the break to talk to people, especially if there's someone you want to get to know better.
  • Do ask interesting but relative questions to your arena in life. No point in asking about traveling when you've never been on a plane.
  • Do ask open ended questions not with just yes/no answers, remember it should be a conversation rather than an interview.
  • Do be honest with yourself about whether you like a person or not. No point in putting someone as a match just because he looks like Brad Pitt.
  • Do flirt a little and pay genuine compliments but not too over the top as otherwise you will come across as a over eager.