Singles Dinner


Singles Dinner

A dash of ambience, a pinch of gourmet, 40-60 sexy Singletons tossed together makes a recipe for a great night out not to be missed.

The first hour is spent mingling, whilst the entrée is served in the form of light finger food. This gives everybody the opportunity to meet as many fellow Singletons as possible as well as working up a healthy appetite.

We will all then be seated and the seating layout is boy/girl/boy/girl.

After the main course has been served and devoured in between bouts of banter a whistle will be blown.

This signifies for all the ladies to hop up and jump into a different seat at another table.

Once everyone is re-seated the desert orders are taken, the chatter continues, only being interrupted when taking mouthfuls of decadence.

The beauty of these dinners is your not really stuck next to the same person the whole night, we mingle, we rotate and you are by no means restricted to your seat.......if you need to escape you can swap seats or hang out in the bar.

The cost will vary according to the venue however it will include a 3 course meal.